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Ray DeVito VS. Steel Toe Morning Show

Ray Devito has landed an interview with the internet’s hottest grifter, Aaron and April Imholte from Steel Toe Morning Show. But Ray has a reputation for going along to get along, being non-confrontational and toothless with his interviewing skills. Can Ray get his act together enough to ask the tough questions? Almost certainly not. Will Ray be able to hold Aaron’s feet to the fire and not accept his worming his way out of topics he doesn’t like? Definitely maybe most likely not. But will it be fun to watch Steel Toe navigate the treacherous waters of one of the safest interviewers performing amidst some of the meanest and most pointed superchats ever. Will it be worth watching? Find out with the Onions!

Steel Toe Prize Night – March 29, 2023

It’s PRIZE NIGHT at the Imholte household. April has a new t-shirt she’s slit down the front so you can see those honkers, and the bingo hopper has fresh shine to it from all the shrimpy egg juice in the air. Will Aaron be so stupid as to perform his illegal lottery right before our very eyes, thereby entitling all of us to compensatory legal action? Only time will tell! Join Patrick and a bunch of idiots who think that somehow throwing money at two midwestern midwits somehow means that they themselves are winners.

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 29, 2023

It’s a DOUBLE-BANGER of a day, as we rise to Corey’s last morning on Steel Toe, and there’s a double layer of cope that is sure to envelope the entire show. Corey has to convince himself he’s on to bigger and better things, and Mooby has to act like a father who is allowing his son to head off in to the world to try to live up to the teachings of his sloppy-titted mentor. Mooby has decided to donate half the superchats from today to Corey – an original idea for certain. Will there be a lot of discussion about Corey leaving? Will Mooby be able to fill four hours without having a goal to reach? And will the fans turn up for Corey and donate a lot of money for his big send off? Only time will tell.

MEMBERS ONLY – March 24, 2023

It’s Friday and Patrick has a special show just for channel supporters that you aren’t going to want to miss out on! Patrick is concerned about Michael Ray Bower and his recent videos which seem to indicate that he doesn’t really have a good place to sleep at night, and we confirm it by revisiting his old Bower bachelor box apartment tour. We take a preview look at Zach Halverson, who is destined to be the new floating second mic at the Steel Toe Morning Show. Zach seems to suck at comedy, singing Christian rock songs, and also being straight. That’s right – Aaron Imholte’s new funny man is gay, and that could spell trouble for Aaron Imholte, who loves using that word as a slur.

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 24, 2023

It’s FRIDAY and Steel Toe Morning Show is falling apart.Cohosts are leaving, Corey is on the verge of softly spilling the details of the inner-workings of Steel Toe, and Scrimp is getting ready to go pick up Mooby’s kids at a gas station for a weekend of eggy frolicking through a winter vomit wonderland! We discover some very alarming information about relatives of Steel Toe Morning Show, and have several good laughs as Aaron and April go nuclear about it. The Steel Toe chat is under siege and they can’t delete the mean stuff quick enough.

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 23, 2023

It’s THURSDAY and that means Mooby and The Second Wife only have seventeen shows to do before they head across town to do an awkward custody exchange at a Wal-Mart parking lot. We check in with Buzzard Bob on the road, get a call from Shuli to explain why Patrick should consider moving to the Shuli network, and watch Corey Adam bathe himself in delusion on the Misery Loves Company podcast with Kevin Brennan. The cringe is real, the laughs are aplenty, and the way you decide to let it consume your life is a personal choice!

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 22, 2023

It’s COREY ADAM DAY and we can’t wait to see if America’s favorite cohost can be compromised again, or if the show will be back to nodding and mumbling through yesterdays news. Bad news – Corey decided to give half of the money fans donated to his eggy boss Mooby, as some sort of weird bow/apology to his radio daddy. Also, Corey is so inspired by all his latest fanfare and offers for work that he’s announced he’s quitting Steel Toe Morning Show to start his own stream. Good luck, Corey. Best of luck as the new MLC co-host!

MEMBERS ONLY SHOW – March 17, 2023

It’s Friday and Patrick would love to have your babies! Patrick is spending the day catching up with posting audio versions and other exclusives for Overdose subscribers, as well as catching up on sleep. But you can join in tonight as he catches you up on the latest gossip and hardcore drama in the YouTube and Dabbler community, as well as the latest lie from Aaron Imholte from the Steel Toe Morning Show garbage fire. The weekend will allow Moody & The Scrimp try to drink themselves in to a stupor so they can put on another week of cope shows. Is Chad Zumock starting to turn on Patrick? People say it’s in the air. We watch Stevie Lew bomb it up!

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 16, 2023

I’ve already done six hours tonight, why not keep the FUN going, baby! We watch one of the most lie-packed show ever, and get re-streamed by Cardiff, Corndiff, BDabbler and more! What will today’s final scrimp count be? Only time will tell! Watch as Aaron Imholte and the Steel Toe Morning Show spin further in to a pit of cope and lies that they most certainly will not be able to overcome. Mooby seems to be the most easily-fooled dope on YouTube, falling for fake accounts and absolutely tanking his program to keep addressing the chat and Patrick. At the end of the day, Mooby and The Scrimp make up some new nicknames for Patrick

Steel Toe Watch Show – March 15, 2023

If Steel Toe Morning Show and Aaron Imholte can schedule time around his kids and making his wife clean up eggs and vomit to do a show every morning, so can I. Let’s watch our humpday edition of Steel Toe, which, with any luck, will see a squirming Corey Adam come to terms live with the monster Aaron has become, slinging hack jokes and impressions while trotting out puppets and party favors to beg for more money that Corey sees in a normal week. Can we help Corey Adam out? I think we can. Corey Adam will be getting half of the superchat money from today’s show, to help make up for the low pay at his main show.

BREAKING: Chad Zumock Attacked

BREAKING: Chad Zumock attacked outside his home in Tampa Florida. Who is responsible for this horrible attack? Chad looks like lunch meat and Aaron Imholte from Steel Toe Morning Show is glowing while talking about it. Suspicious? Is Chad faking this whole thing? Is Aaron a little too smarmy and cocky about this incident? Does Patrick have some exclusive information that could crack this case wide open? You’re darn tootin’! Chad Zumock calls in to give us the scoop and we pull back the curtains on all the Aaron Imholte lies. NLO investigates!


Here at Nobody Likes Onions, we pride ourselves on truth and honor when embarking on our investigations. We never claim to be the fastest, but we strive to bring you accurate reporting with scoops you might not find elsewhere. Tonight, we go over Patrick’s theory about what happened to Chad Zumock, the findings of an independent professional investigator, and what this means going forward. Who is responsible for the attack on Chad? Who knows more than they are letting on? Who is lying? We may never know all the details, but after this show picture should be a lot more clear. Join us for a night of collective crime solving! We finish a night of fun and truth by watching the latest episode of Moony and The Scrimp

BONUS: Investigation Yields New Info

It’s Friday night and if one more mf’er runs they mouth the more likely they are for Patrick to probably just make a joke about your shirt or zoom in on your appendages. Don’t worry about it! Iteresting news to talk about plus we will start with a WIDE OPEN chat for all the spaz’s out there who need to get some shots in! Come let Patrick be your therapy bear! The preliminary results are back from the private investigator reporting to Patrick, and the results are going to make for a very interesting week. Patrick would like to talk to a certain party involved in this incident before he releases his finding. And that party knows who they are. Get in touch, won’t you?

BONUS – April Showers After Hours

Chad Zumock’s attack has launched an internet fury that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Alamo. Who attacked Chad? Who sent them? Was it the mealy-mouthed morning show host with a flush wallet and a will to silence? Was it a biker bar owner with a need to salvage a reputation? Or was it a millionaire head of a fledgling network that has had enough of Chad’s repetitive insults and accurate decimations of a legend’s fading relevance? We WILL find out. Join us. We are going ALL NIGHT LONG.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 7

Aaron Imholte is a small town boy who wanted to be a radio man like his heroes of yesteryear, but the excitable little boy that he is couldn’t focus on the more important things in life like family and children. A few years in to his career, he became blinded by the bright lights of St. Cloud, or at the very least by the reflection from his rapidly enlarging forehead. When the simpleton decides to bring his shiny new woods wife on the air with him, the inevitable happens and the internet turns on him for constant begging for money and trying to pull several scams on his most loyal fans. April Imholte is beginning to show cracks, constantly making emotional outbursts and self-soothing by rubbing her arms and fixing her shirt during her husbands unhinged rants about minorities, women or his opponents.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 6

Aaron and April Imholte from the Steel Toe Morning Show is running in circles trying to cover the attacks from all around them, and the problems are about to get a lot worse. Patrick shows receipts that prove he is not, in fact, clout chasing Steel Toe, but rather that Steel Toe has been trying to get Patrick to come on the show repeatedly. Aaron’s mods are feeding Patrick information, and we also get some leaked DMs from Aaron trying to explain his past and the current looming legal worries. Something about his excuses and explanations don’t make sense. More importantly, the Steel Toe Morning show is breaking several state and federal laws, including multiple consumer rights protections, FTC and FCC regulations governing sweepstakes and lotteries.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 5

There’s an energy shift in the air – Chad Zumock has a renewed sense of vigor and confidence and it’s becoming enjoyable to watch. Meanwhile Aaron Imholte is crumbling before our very eyes – the confidence is gone, the eyes are constantly scanning the chat, and there’s a hurried uncertainty in every breath he takes. Monday brought Steel Toe Morning Show his largest audience ever, but were they there for the Steel Toe show, or to watch the dram unfold? I think you know. Aaron says he may be the last guy who just does a fun show. Patrick has some startling results from the NLO Lab about April Imholte’s forehead. Join the Onion Army, fellow ToeJoes!

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 4

Patrick watches Steel Toe Morning Show’s “special” show that was released on Compound Media, only to be disgusted immediately with the level of pandering and stale show prep done by the St. Cloud dynamic duo, Aaron and April Imholte. The nerves, the dog whistles, and the complete lap-dog fantasy don’t stop for the entire show! Watch as Aaron and April expound on some crazy fantasy of beating Joe Rogan, joining Anthony Cumia, making millions, and being kings of the radio with their contemporary Ant! We also get some more background on Steel Toe and his past bullying with cohost Corey Adam as they attack a nice boy who goes by the name Wrestling Otaku. Join the hang that’s uniting the universe around the Steel Toe Morning Show.