Comedian Butch Bradley went on the Misery Loves Company podcast with Kevin Brennan recently to tell his version of what happened in the past with Patrick. In the process, he publicly slandered Patrick several times with statements that he knows are false. Butch accuses Patrick of stalking, death threats, harassment of himself and his family, and much more. Who is more of a danger to Butch's loved ones? Patrick, who doesn't communicate with Butch at all and hasn't in five years, or Butch himself? Did Butch pull a gun on his girlfriend in 2021? Did she call 911? Wouldn't it be a shame if someone got ahold of the emergency call and police report? What would happen to the career of Las Vegas' funniest comedian as well as the reputation of The Strat casino and the LA Comedy Club if the evidence of prostitutes, drugs and domestic violence come to light? Look out, Butch! Winter is coming!

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