Aaron CAUSES Search Warrant of NICK REKIETA! Steel Toe Begins It’s RELAPSE In To E-BEGGARY!

We finish our watch of Aaron Imholte telling the most saucy Steel Toe sexy time stories with Nick Rekieta and his wife, along with his ex-wife and super-spun sidepiece April Imholte aka April Anderson. The Minnesota mind warp continues, as this morning the search warrant circumstances were made public, and Aaron is over the moon about being the center of attention once again. It seems the Steel Toe program and April’s ambiguous role as the family’s live-in caretaker are at the center of the arguments for intervention at the Rekieta household. Wont’ some please think of the children? Steel Toe brings useless whiny cripple Johnny Crutches back on the show to add nothing as the Steel Toe show begins its steady decline back to the beg-cast we know it to be.

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