April 1, 2024: The STUTJO Ultimatum! Celebrate CHANGE With THE WALL! DonkeyLips HATES Help!

Just because it’s April Fool’s Day doesn’t mean we will be tricking people left and right over here. That kind of thing is best reserved for shows who need to distract you with works and whistles. We do a serious, fun show over here. Aaron Imholte needs money this month, and he is definitely going keep reminding us about it so that him and his wife can continue their make-believe careers. Donkeylips aka Micheal Ray Bower does not want a new computer for free. He’d rather keep complaining about obstacles and hardships so he doesn’t ever have to actually try. John Melendez aka Stuttering John inspires Patrick to declare April the month of celebrating change. Won’t you come help us celebrate change and truth?

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