April 11, 2024: FARM GIRL FAIL! Filthy Factory F*cktoy GIVES UP! Will It Be MOOBY or MAMA?

It seems like the STEEL TOE MORNING SHOW gravy train of LOLs will not cease! Aaron Imholte kicks off his day with another “two scoops” of cope. It must be getting tough to roll out of bed with bruised ribs and a bruised ego, and let’s not even talk about the sore o-ring. Let’s watch as Mooby already tries to force April Imholte aka April Anderson aka Mama’s Little Woods Angel back on to the show to open a package. Wielding a sippy cup around for no reason, and clinging to it like a blanket, let’s watch as Aaron Imholte tries to decide whether today is a good day or a bad day for the ol’ Steel Toe.

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