April 2, 2024: Patrick Can’t Even! Internet Chop Chop! Hackamania VENUEGATE! April Is All Alone!

The Steel Toe delusion show marches forward. This time April has recovered enough to try to host a show on her own again, but we all know Mooby can’t allow his factory-worker wife to run things on her own for too long. Let’s watch the latest cringe sessions from our favorite set of mindless Minnesotan radio hosts. Patrick wants to check in on our favorite fats to see what they have been up to. Our favorite sitting chef has a recipe for a pizza that you’re definitely not going to want to try, and another once of our tubby heroes thinks she’s going to become a runner. Finally, did you know Corey Adam has been busy cranking out reels that nobody watches and he still hasn’t figured out how to get the editing and sound right on his own phone. Strap in!

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