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MEMBERS ONLY: GLUG GLUG! Chad Zumock Is A Walking Red Flag!

Happy Friday night and welcome to a members only stream. There’s lots of members streams out there, but this one is just for making fun of comedian Chad Zumock as he navigates a world that has rejected him. Determined to make people thing he is a still a working comic, and clamoring for relevance with some of the most B-list comics ever, Chad continues his fight for mediocrity and we are here for it!

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February 2, 2024: HACKAMANIA! Kevin Brennan DOUBLE’S DOWN On SENILE! Aaron Imholte STEEL TOE Tattoo!

It’s Friday, and Patrick can’t seem to reach escape velocity from the Kevin Brennan insanity vortex. Today we try to put a button on the issues? What is Kevin Brennan afraid of? What is really happening to his money? Why is he so angry that he has forgone logic to align himself with nonsense? Only time will tell. One this is for sure – Kevin is big mad and that has the dull-brained blips around him chimping out with nonsense. We try to finish Chad’s drunk show from Tuesday, and also visit some great Chad memories from the days when he thought he was going to be somebody. Plus we have your tattoo ideas for Aaron Imholte from Steel Toe Morning Show, and HACKAMANIA news!

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Members Only Show – February 2, 2024

Join Patrick as he wades through the latest Heather Gillespie videos. Xavier is now leaking nudes online and Heather might be involved in a cover-up. The baby is due soon and Heather is wishing for a sponsor to give her a fully furnished apartment so they can have a happy life. And you’ll never believe what THEY are doing now. They’re dehydrating them!