February 29, 2024: STEEL TOE Squirm Show! Ray Devito CANNOT COMMUNICATE!

It’s Thursday, and we typically reserve Thursdays for talking about some of the biggest R’s strutting around the net. Today is no exception! Ray Devito has already managed to cause a bit of a bumble with his Hackamania travel plans, and Patrick would love your opinion on who screwed things up. Ray is also in the middle of planning two separate roasts, both of which will be the same roast, and both of which will be done to an audience of no one, or maybe someone, but probably not anyone. Shoud Ray bring the roast to NLO? David Chandler is back and you can almost hear Aaron Imholte make white in his panties from here. Steel Toe Morning Show is basically a daily meme show now, and today’s sad glimpse in to Aaron and April Imholte’s relationship was another cringe banger. Don’t miss your NLO this morning!

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