April 5, 2024: April Imholte Is SCARED Of Her Job! Aaron Is ALL ALONE! Steel Toe Is DRIFTING!

It’s been an odd week, but it’s hard to focus on much more than the goings-on of Steel Toe and the disaster that is April Imholte aka April Anderson coming to the realization that she is trapped in a life that isn’t what it seemed just a few years ago. Rapidly approaching 30, stuck taking care of children that are not hers, performing tasks for a job she doesn’t comprehend, and not being allowed to seek a more fulfilling purpose outside the home that could bring stability to their financial life. The wedding rings are off. The tears are flowing. April is collecting a salary from her parent’s home while Aaron tries to keep in all together for the loyal few who still don’t see the train wreck is coming for these midwestern mopes!

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