April 30, 2024: What’s Happened To MLC? FELICIA is FINE as FUNK! APRIL IMHOLTE Needs A Job!

Patrick is recovering from a headache that could choke a donkey. That doesn’t mean anything. Don’t overthink it. Let’s check out the latest version of MLC and try to figure out what this show has become. It’s the last day of April and we need to make our nut. There’s four squares left on the wall and daddy needs to hit the goal! Stuttering John and Kate Meaney are on a fantasy world where Patrick is about to get arrested for some imagined crime at any moment. John is wasted and has seems to have pink eye from wiping with his hands before snacking. We check out the imagined new jobs for April Imholte aka April Anderson now that she’s out of the Steel Toe business.

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