April 4, 2024: APRIL IMHOLTE Has NO Future! Aaron STEALS His Wife’s Best Years! Free Cope!

This week has been an amazing one for the Steel Toe Morning Show. After weeks of speculation about April Imholte aka April Anderson being on some kind of hard drugs that are wreaking havoc on her mind and body, her husband has continued to hide her from the show audience while she cries, or recovers, or copes, or looks for a job, or gets off the smack, or heals her open sores, or finds other men to turn her out for quick fix. We can’t be sure. Is April engaged in tons of sexual hobbies with stacks of men? Is she on some kind of hardcore narcotic? Why is she bouncing from on the show to off the show in these big emotional swings? What is Mooby covering up? And more importantly, how is he winning again today after taking down the insane cry-fest he performed Tuesday night?

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