April 8, 2024: STEEL TOE’S Lonely Weekend! April Anderson RUNS HOME To Clear Her Mind & Slizz!

It’s Monday, and the Dabbleverse at least seems to be calming down over the last weekend. evin is very bugged by Ray’s rejection of his demands and cannot seem to get over being hurt by one of his best baby boys. Steel Toe Morning Show is in a tailspin after what seems like a weekend of separation of Aaron and April Imholte. Will she save what’s left of her salvageable years and get out of this toxic relationship and lifestyle, or bury her head in the sand and tap out, refusing to fight back against a man who is clearly using her up as fast as he can? Only time will tell! This morning we wonder what life must be like on April Anderson’s farm with her mama and papa scrimp. Does she want to run back to her simple life in the woods?

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