December 12, 2023: STEEL TOE Gets WORSE? Catalano TV Collapses, Kate Meaney is a WRECK!

Steel Toe as hosted by Aaron Imholte and his worthless spouse is unbearable, but have you heard Steel Toe helmed by Johnny Crutches? It’s worse than you could ever fathom. We explore The recent gallivanting by the Immolates in Vegas and what that time away has done to their precious show. Kate Meaney has found her medication and a sliver of confidence after bitching, trying to strike, crying, whining, deleting, hiding and more. It’s both humorous and sad to watch a young girl WRECK her social value over and over and over. TommyNC2010 has a movie review for the new Godzilla movie, but don’t get your hopes up for a poster. Joey C and his wife are busy debunking all the latest rumors about their trouble with the law. Joey C proves he doesn’t have an ankle bracelet, but Patrick has an update about his status with the law.

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