January 2, 2024: Is RAY DEVITO Improving? Kate Meaney LOVES Narcotics? Chad’s Drunk NYE Tantrum

It’s a new year, but don’t tell that to the biggest dopes in the dummyverse. Chad Zumock boycotts his new zaddy last minute and spends New Year’s Eve alone angry tweeting. Don’t worry – he deleted them all later, like a real panini. Kate Meaney loves comedy and loves hanging out with friends on podcasts! She has nothing to say but she has so much fun anyway! She definitely doesn’t have daddy issues and probably doesn’t definitely have a giant nose candy problem! Ray Devito is good for laughs for the foreseeable future, and that’s good news for us. A perpetual well of laughs for the most rugged amongst us! He wouldn’t know how to act normal if it fell off a truck.

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