May 21, 2024: Did NICK REKIETA Spoil APRIL ANDERSON? Steel Toe’s AARON IMHOLTE Shared His Wife?!

The fascinating story of a Minnesota wanna-be radio man who keeps torching his life over and over again marches forward. Watch as a weak man with an even weaker constitution continues to spew details about his crumbling life, from the wife he let become consumed by narcotics and be passed around like a finger trap for the pleasure of a friend. Watch as a man struggles for relevance and identity in a world he’s not sure he belongs in. What is Aaron Imholte? Is he a hard-edged radio god that pulls no punches when it comes to dealing with hate? Is he a family man that does the right thing when faced with hard moral questions? Is he a single ladies man who can’t be tamed? No. He’s a lost man approaching forty who has yet to learn basic life lessons and find a personality that works for him.

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