May 23, 2024: AARON IMHOLTE Is Fooling The Dumbs! Why TWO BADS Don’t Make Steel Toe GOOD…

Aaron Imholte has found a way to make his show get half of the views it did a year ago – start trashing his wife and ex-partner April Anderson. Watch as the once-discreet radio man proceeds to spill all the dirt he can about his alleged druggie ex-wife and her proclivities for other men’s skin rods in her hair holes. But those are just rumors. Watch as the most easily-fooled smooth brains fall at Aaron’s feet, praising his recent honesty and renewed energy towards his program. People who cursed Aaron days ago are now becoming Toe Bros unironically, outing themselves as easily-distracted patrons of this podcasting cesspool. Why is everyone currently trying to bend reality to make Aaron a good guy? How can the display of basic parenting decisions make people forget about the core narcissist that is at the center of the human goo we call Aaron Imholte?

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