May 6, 2024: AARON IMHOLTE Is MAX Lazy! MERSH Madness! Is SUMMER SINCLAIR a Fake Reality Star?!

Another week and another round of half-hearted attempts at improving a crumbling program. Aaron Imholte is at a loss without his lady and he’s winning so much, and his show is growing so well that he is changing things left and right. Patrick always says nothing is funnier than when a lolcow actually tries to do something, and last nights Members Only program from the Steel Toe whatever show minus April Imholte. Mersh has a new clipper that expertly captured a recent meltdown from the poor Florida streamer. Is Summer Sinclair trying to get fame or just a few dollars from her recent appearance in a couple of fake reality viral videos. Who makes this kind of crap content and how did they find Summer?

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