NLO 1449: Gritty Pineapple

We hope you’re full of Christmas goose, or suckling pig, or tofurkey and whatnot, because Patrick has restocked the whiskey barrel and charged up his FPV drone for a fantastical flight of fury. This show is about heading in to 2023 with a healthy perception of reality. For instance, is Casper actually a decent comic? Does filming a two minute video do anything to drive your enemies crazy? Is David Lee actually Kitty Pineapple? There’s so many things to talk about in this show, and at times it gets a bit tense, but stay grounded, kids. It’s not about who the next Andy Kaufman is. It’s not about whether you get recognized everywhere you go. It’s about whether you sound mentally ill when you say things, and Patrick is the king! We breakdown The Spotlight with Lex Las Vegas, Patrick gets some angry texts from a man who wears his hair shaped like devil horns, and we learn the difference between getting laughs and being funny. Thai Rivera gives us a tour of his new place in Austin, and some advice on how to keep everything you’re doing a secret.

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