NLO 783: Beerly Beloved

Patrick is doing a solo show today, and it’s super-sized to make up for no show on Monday. We talk about the new show merch, and Patrick tells about a can koozie fiasco that he is going through with the promotions company. Lots of callers. Patrick gets in to the Johnny B nonsense more than he wants to get in to it. Why aren’t you listening to NLO Radio 24/7? This is the only podcast you should listen to ever. We watch a fat ginger kid defend women and try to get laid by yelling and crying. Patrick gives theories on why women are their vaginas. We talk about the Tupac hologram at Coachella. Patrick trys to rap as Trayvon but it’s awful. We need help finding a hotel deal for New York in May. More stuff happens but you should just listen.


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