NLO 806: Sneaky Nuts

CORNELL REID (@corneezy) in studio. Patrick and Cornell have jerked off to old underwear catalogs. Cornell’s new podcast Gentlemen Nutsacks is in the OD as well as a 6 and a half hour after-show and people doing all kinds of dumb stunts. The hosts talk about the weird places they’ve jerked it. Caller from IN talks about masturbating. The lights go out. Patrick fixes it. Hoverounds stink and their commercials are worse. This is the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Caller from Dayton calls and wants advice on drinking. Patrick wants to petition for a new better AIDS, CRAIDS. Patrick contemplates becoming the KKK Comic. The bullied bus lady now has over $650k. Patrick talks about grooming pubes. Caller calls in and hangs up. Patrick calls back to no avail. The store will have great new merch when it relaunches including Nick and Amanda can koozies. Cornell and Patrick talk about drive-in theaters and watching people fuck in their cars. A man and his wife live in a storage unit. Patrick freestyles about the lights going out again. Caller from Pasadena contemplates living in a storage unit. A bride sings her own intro and is self-absorbed bitch. Shooby’s beer brewing kit is still one of the worst gifts Patrick has ever gotten. Sneaky Nuts is the new photo bombing craze where you pop a testicle out in other peoples pictures. Patrick and Cornell talk playing with fire and explosives as kids. Bieber shows his new tattoo on Letterman. Letterman is still the best.


Check out the OVERDOSE for much more content, including today’s awesome aftershow!


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