NLO 812: Guac Guy

Patrick is solo for this last show in the Burbank studio before the big move to the Podcastle. A guy named Takhi calls in just to hear Patrick’s voice. Kevin calls in and they talk about site issues and OD feed issues. Patrick is aware of these issues, and is working to fix it! Patrick went to some restaraunt today that looks like some old grandma’s house and reeked, and met a crazy waiter. Does every Mexican just say “yes” when they don’t know what else to say? A caller likes Patrick’s impression of a Mexican waiter describing their tacos, and they talk tacos for a while. Patrick loves making his gums bleed because it makes him feel healthy. Joseph from Maine calls in “high as fuck,” planning to move to Cali for better weed. He has no idea what’s going on, but he bangs a lot of bitches, apparently. We hear a story about a lady getting all bent out of shape over one of Tosh’s rape jokes. Patrick tells us about his new idea for birth control and then explains why jokes about controversial issues are okay. Star calls in and starts screaming, but she thinks if you’re offended at a show, you should just leave. The conversation suddenly switches to Patrick’s weight and his silver-fox sexiness. There is a story about a guy who strapped kids to the hood of his car and drove it drunk, because he thought the kids would enjoy the ride. Patrick shares a stories about his mom’s drinking, and how she let him and his friend ride on the hood of her car while she was wasted. We end with a little about the history of black people and swimming pools.


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