NLO 815: Cadbury Yogurt

CORNELL REID is in the studio for the big Monday show! Still no video for the freeloading fans, but Patrick loves his real fans enough to let them see the new studio, and Titanic, during the show. The studio is getting some great new features! Cornell is going to Burning Man with his step-dad to do all kinds of hippie stuff. It’s like NASCAR for hippies! The Podcastle is Patrick’s compound, safe from potential assassins, and he talks about getting locked out of his super-secure house. He hates everyone, so he didn’t want to ask anyone for help. Vigo randomly calls in just to call in. Continuing his story, Patrick sees his neighbor with the great titties, who saves the day by letting him use her phone. They talk a little about upcoming shows and new NLO merch, including the hat. There’s talk about the Olympics Overdose show, during which a drunk couple called in and sent Patrick videos of them having sex, and tried to have sex live on the show! Adam, the drunk caller from that show, calls to explain why they listen to NLO while they fuck and why he couldn’t get a boner for the live sex. Patrick talks about his girlfriend’s humorless friend who came to visit, and Cornell wonders if she might be Patrick’s soulmate. They invent Jizzits, the great new cracker you can cum on! Vigo calls back in to lecture Patrick on his finances, and he lets us know what’s what on that issue. They talk a little about food… Why is it that companies take food, process it, and re-shape it like the original food!? They discuss the Chick-Fil-A anti-gay-marriage issue. Patrick calls them to see if they’ll cater his gay event, and they pass with flying colors. Cornell gets distracted by Titanic, and they strategize about where you want to be on the boat when it goes down. There’s talk about TV and jacking off, Asian women and their squid pussies, the BK Experience (where you pay to bring your food to a kitchen and they allow you to cook it), and what it’s like to work with Tracy Morgan. A listener wants to send Patrick some kitchen stuff, and he talks about all the stuff he could use, and what he would make with them. Then he blasts Cornell with the new lights as this show fades out.


Check out the OVERDOSE for much more!


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