NLO LIVE: Aaron Imholte Can’t Bang, P.O Box Surprises, Discord Drama! (June 22, 2023)

Happy Thursday, you very special children! Patrick is gunned up for today’s show, because he was eating peanut butter for breakfast. We take a trip to the ol’ P.O. Box to see what listeners have sent in. One listener insults Patrick with a package of skin care products, and another seems brimming with treats that will need to be individually unpacked live. KC Armstrong seems to be ignoring Patrick’s attempts at burying the hatchet. We try to find out about the latest discord drama involving Dirty Dalish and our own Ian Hawk, but are sidetracked by an emergency watch session of Steel Toe Morning Show. The midwestern grift clowns are having an on-air fight and are breaking down over their own sex confidence. Mooby keeps trying to shut April up to make up for his own shortcomings in the bedroom. Grab your socks and swim for it, sailors!

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