NLO LIVE: Steel Toe Strike, KB & SJ Versus Shuli, Ray Gets Puffy (June 28, 2023)

Patrick is back from the beach and ready to catch up with the latest nonsense in the podcasting universe. Ray DeVito thinks he’s a tough guy and stuff. Kevin Brennan is gloating after being the fisherman that was able to wrangle in the whale that is Stuttering John for the MLC podcast. The Shuli Network had a record day live streaming, with the perfect storm of both NLO and Steel Toe being off YouTube due to unrelated reasons. Patrick has been suffering intermittent Internet issues, and Steel Toe Morning Show seems like it’s starting to catch the eye of the YouTube content moderation team for its constant racism and transphobic remarks. Chad is exposed further as a charlatan broadcaster with no following of note, and Patrick thinks he’s caught another big lie by the crudshark!

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