November 3, 2023 – FAT FORK FRIDAY! Josh Denny, Rodney Wayne, DonkeyLips, Chad Zumock & MORE!

Oh, no he didn’t! Patrick is making fun of fat people? What is the world coming to? Does he know he’s fat? Should he be talking like that? We check in on long-time friend of the show Josh Denny to see if his nineteenth podcast is the one that is going to catch fire. Micheal Ray Bower hates NLO and talks about Patrick like he burned his belongings. What can we do about this? Rodney Wayne has been spotted tooling around in his Nissan Altima Batmobile, and we want to know if this is normal behavior for a grown man with kids. Chad Zumock practices being pathetic in more ways than one. Come have a Friday, friends!

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