It's Friday and our members only show is about to start popping, so grab an XL soda pop or a bucket of ketchup and get in here! We start out watching our favorite Untrainable, Ray DeVito, as he podcasts yet again about his lack of knowledge and interest in anything other than beer, women he won't take a shot with, and emo bands he loves. The latest nonsense regarding MLC and Chad Zumock is in the air. We switch over to Pottstown, PA where Bob Levy, Shuli, and Perry Caravello are live streaming, and Patrick is blown away by how insane it is to watch people use a handicapped mentally ill man to get superchats. We finish with our very own naughty elf, Dirty Dalish, sharing a very culinary sexual experience she once had, and diving a bit in to the men on the podcast that is interviewing her.

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