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NLO 1273: Babyproofing

Fan favorite host and blast from the past Chef joins Patrick in studio for a pre-Christmas show. Chef was in town to watch the Tampa Bay Lightning lose to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. We

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NLO 1270: JJ the Germophobe

Canadian comedian and all-around freak JJ Liberman is in studio to discuss his Vegas adventures. JJ has been playing poker for a few days and is up thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean he

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NLO 1233: Curran Events

Steve Curran, Superfan and PayPig extraordinaire, joins us for this show recorded in Las Vegas. Patrick is too full of barbecue to really do any kind of show of substance. The worst thing that can

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NLO 784: Delivery Debacle

Patrick and Josh do a show from high above the Vegas strip in their beautiful Bally’s suite. This show talks about their Vegas adventures, meeting the hottest 38-year-old they’ve ever seen, doing comedy, gambling, ordering


Poker Fight!

Patrick tried to play poker with a bunch of drunks. Ugh.  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.

Old SABC Content

Johnny Dreams he was a DJ

JOHNNY B talks about a dream he had where he was old-timey radio station DJ…. This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.

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NLO 593: Hash House

Patrick is still in Sin City, and his old buddy Chef is in town hanging out as well. On this episode, Chef revisits NLO and talks about his bad luck at the poker table. Don’t

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NLO 570: Sports and Spankings

Todd Glass was supposed to come in to the studio, but he didn’t. But we still have a really great show for you. Patrick is joined by long-time friend Collin to talk about everything from

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NLO 544: Being Local

Chef is back with Patrick again, and this time it’s a better show. We have our shit together, and we have topics, and we’re organized. We make fun of blind people, retarded people, and foreigners.

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NLO 543: Bjorgenflug

Chef is in Los Angeles and is back to bring his sarcastic brand of mediocrity to the show he once frequented back in Florida. Patrick and Chef talk about everything from their short stay in

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NLO 531: Vegas Is Easy

Patrick is in Las Vegas doing some comedy recon and enjoying some free nights at The Palazzo resort and casino. It’s super fancy, and Patrick is sharing the digs with friend and comedian, as well

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NLO 452: Funeral Wedding

Woah, is it Friday already? Oh, and it’s the anniversary of 9/11? Wow. Actually, it is 9/11. It’s the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Does anyone even remember that shit? Seriously? Something about buildings or

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NLO 430: MJ and LA

Patrick has been sick for weeks with the flu, and so much has gone on in the world. We don’t want to do anything meaningful, like talk about the stuff that’s happened. That’s what you’ve