NLO’s 18th Birthday, Ray Devito Can’t Win, Chad Spirals (June 2, 2023)

Happy Friday! Today is the 18th birthday of the first official Nobody Likes Onions show hitting podcast feeds. Cut to 2023 and you barely have to constantly explain what a podcast is to people anymore! Progress! Ray Devito bought a MacBook Pro from a place that most certainly ripped him off, and he tried to blame Patrick in a spectacular fail. Chad Zumock has painted himself in to a corner with no income, no friends, and no leg to stand on when it comes to arguing. Patrick has receipts if It might help Chad prove he's the alpha. One of the most insane community dramas unfolds live in real time. It involves several simps, an elf, infidelity, plane tickets, creeps, catfights and so much more! Plus, a Friday art project - let's see your predictions for Chad's new shirt idea!

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