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Aftershow 769 – Flip Schultz, Alli Weber

Flip Scchultz and Alli Weber stick around to talk about married life, including exposing a story that the chat and callers say makes Alli a solid 9.5 in their book. Patrick talks about idiots in his life and their collective inability to see the big picture, and more. It’s another hour of entertainment from some funny people!


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9 Responses to “Aftershow 769 – Flip Schultz, Alli Weber”

  1. Fucking epic. The mouth on this girl. #amiright

  2. I have never heard of a more awesome girlfriend/wife ever.

  3. Holy shit! If this doesn’t sell the female musical comedy act, nothing will.

  4. Alli is waaaay cute.

  5. For once, I wasn’t disappointed when a woman was on the show.

  6. The Flip pilot episode sounds hilarious as well. 

  7. I got semi hard at Alli’s description of what she does for Flip.

  8. Lose the women show but keep the other two they are funny.

  9. Yeah, I wasn’t asking for an opinion. I don’t have time for any of them. They’re all gone.

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