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Aftershow 770 – Cornell Reid, Josh Denny

THREE HOUR AFTERSHOW! Patrick and Cornell Reid recap their worst dates ever, and then they check out Cornell’s show, Compatish. Patrick looks at menus for WhichWich, and pretty much reads it all. Callers call in and offer to buy food, Josh Denny calls because he is driving back from Vegas, former intern Judy stops by to drop off stuff and Cornell runs the show solo for awhile, Patrick calls a place called Pizza Man to find out what the deal is. Patrick is a member of a tea of the month club, Cornell and Patrick try to sing and rap, Josh Denny shows up with stale donut holes and Patrick eats them all, Patrick talks about the biggest pussy in comedy, we check in on the Independent Podcast Awards (they’re dead), and the guys finally leave to go eat. Golden girls song.


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5 Responses to “Aftershow 770 – Cornell Reid, Josh Denny”

  1. Cornell seems like a pretty bad ass dude. Would be awesome to see him on again.

  2. Turn this nig-shit off!

  3. I can’t wait for Cornell’s Cornea Corner.

  4. Just finished the aftershow. Awesome. An extra 3 hours.¬†Seriously. It’s got it all food, callers with the noise, Judy talk, Graham Elwood, killing other podcasts, Out of the Dark, IPA.

  5. My ass hurts from all the content shoved up there, Overdose is so worth it

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