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Overdose Show 13 – FOUR HOURS!

This is a super-long bonus show with Patrick. This starts off slow, with Patrick playing Draw Something with fans. It gets really good though, if you stick with it. Thanks!


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16 Responses to “Overdose Show 13 – FOUR HOURS!”

  1. I feel bad that Women Aren’t funny didn’t take off. I enjoyed designing their logo, the logo was better than the show I guess.

  2. Actually you’re a faggot

  3. Hey Moody. I totally made it to the end. Audio is great for while I’m at work. 

  4.  I agree, I had the video up while working. Listened to the whole thing, and flipped to the video throughout. Great OD Show!

  5. With all the questions of uncertainty throughout these long OD shows, I feel like I gotta add my vote to the box, as well. I just listened to all four hours, audio only. A lot of people have shitty jobs where the only saving grace is they can listen to headphones all day. I’m one of them. It’s the reason I ever got into podcasts seven years ago. So please, keep the audio OD content coming, as well. The drawing, real Patrick, behind the scenes talk; it’s all good to me. It’s why I like the Overdose. It’s seeing the dark side of the moon.

  6. I was listening audio only while at work and gave up during the Drawsome bit. On the next OD 5 hour show he mentioned some things I really wanted to hear, so after finishing the 5hourOD I went back and listened to this one. Great show, but hearing the things he was being hopeful for in this episode, that in the next episode he talked about the same things and being mad at, was surprising.

  7. I don’t understand this comment. At all. The show was disappointing? What was surprising? I’m lost.

  8. For example: You mentioned on this show getting ready to go to a party; then in the 5 hour show mentioned what happened in the party. Hearing the 5 hour show first, when I heard you reference the party in this episode it was like “ah, he’s going to get hurt there”
    Still: Love the show!

  9. I listened to the whole four-hour long episode, audio only, on my iPhone and it was great. There’s no need to edit the shows into segments.

  10.  I’m with Shawn here. I listen to shows while working on stuff on my computer and around the house. I don’t care if it’s something like DrawSomething, I care that it’s got Patrick in it.

  11. I drive for a living so the long shows are no problem. Its like having Patrick in the van with me.

  12. I’ll bet y’alls do.

  13. I like the one big audio file as well.

  14. Yea I listen audio only, its grate

  15. The caller around an hour in said “like” way too much. Might be me getting annoyed easily, but I cringed every time.

  16. Stilts callback!

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