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Overdose Show 15 – Philly Pizza Party

Patrick is doing an OD show because there wasn’t a Monday show. He’s hungry and orders pizza from GrubHub. People call in, there’s stuff that happens, and there’s a lot of venting about a disturbing series of clips someone emailed in from another podcast. We get the low down from inside Dominos about why the Pizza Tracker is a piece of shit. Watch Patrick eat. Watch Patrick talk. You know the drill.

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11 Responses to “Overdose Show 15 – Philly Pizza Party”

  1. I loved the snort-yawn at 02:45:59.

  2. Those are some nice-lookin’ cups.

  3. Love youre rants patrick! fantastic

  4. I really find the Mike Tech Show part amazing. That’s gotta be a record, 6 years after he was BPOW and it actually got worse.

  5. I have heard of sweet baby rays, but sweet baby jesus sounds delicious.

  6. I’ve been listening to the show for a long ass time, and I’m going to go see what JB’s show is… just out of curiosity. But it appears to be the dumb version of NLO.

    I also find it pretty ironic that he copies the NLO formula, a decidedly uncreative thing to do for a person whose career is defined by ones ability to be creative.

  7. I liked Johnny when he was on NLO. I also listened to the J.B. Show for a little while after it first started. It’s not nearly as dynamic or entertaining as NLO. Patrick’s correct in that, if your favorite time for NLO episodes is the early days, you’ll probably enjoy the J.B. Show. Otherwise, forget about it.

  8. Tom and Christina advertise amazon all the time. I love the shows, but I do not really like your recent trend of shitting on your friends. Its really putting bad energy out there. 

  9.  I think you’re missing the point… They’re treating Patrick like shit, and they aren’t being friends to him. Plus it’s entertaining. People want to know what’s going on with the people of the show.

    Patrick is a level dude, and if he’s shitting on friends, there’s probably a good reason. And, if it doesn’t seem like it’s justified, I’d assume it’s because he’s not sharing something with us that would make it seem so.

  10. I’m not shitting on my friends. My point is I don’t feel like, based on THEIR behavior towards me over the past couple of years, that I don’t think they are really friends. One owed me money for two years and bought TV’s and other things and for two years never attempted to pay me back. The other had a podcast and never invited me on it until I pressured them, despite being on mine all the time, and promoting them and their shows/cd all the time. I don’t think that’s shitting on friends. I’m just cleaning my life of clutter, and people who don’t reciprocate friendship aren’t making the cut. I feel like you’re missing the points I’ve made altogether. 

  11. Put those cups in the store. NOW

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