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Aftershow 788 – Josh Denny, Phoenix Fans

Lots of drinking in this aftershow. Josh and the Phoenix fans stick around. We drink, talk more about the fans, and dive more in to the juggalo lifestyle. We do some rapping. We do some shots. We do some more rapping. Patrick raps as both Cecil and a new character named Kelvin. Then the tazer comes out. Patrick tazes fans, and his own balls. We try to see Rob’s dick. There’s more, but that’s just an idea of what’s in this amazing, two-hour aftershow!


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12 Responses to “Aftershow 788 – Josh Denny, Phoenix Fans”

  1. This aftershow is amazing, really fun and silly. Rob is a piece of shit when drunk.

  2. Best aftershow ever. Ball shocking, cecil rapping, and lots of booze. What more could we ask for?

  3. The direction the show started to take towards the end was quite hilarious. Hearing Patrick defend taking a dick slap was funny as fuck. 

  4. Haha. The fucking idiot from London that calls in and keeps saying “yeah” who is not in the overdose was pitiful and very hard to understand but it was so fucking funny. 

  5. “I’ll take all the dick in my face you want, but I’m not putting Nutella in there.” PMelt

  6. Has this been released as audio on the overdose feed?

  7. It showed up in mine, as least as early as last night; I listened to it today on my mp3 device.

  8. Had to fiddle with the feedburner thing again. It works now!

  9. Oh man my feed was missing the songs that just came out. Went into feedburner and just did “Edit” then “Save” then they popped up. I wonder if theres a delay in how often feedburner checks for new episodes.

  10. Awesome show

  11. Does anyone know the name of the song/beat that starts at 37:12? Would really appreciate.

  12. < – – Cecil Rap
    (If Patrick doesn't want this on youtube let me know, I'll pull it off)

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