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NLO 790: Sibling Overload


Patrick is in the studio solo today. He talks about apartment hunting, credit scores, potential future studios, an episode of True Life where people have way too many kids, irresponsible parents, and more. We check out the video of a comedian who can’t talk and wonder why he is even a thing. We check out some standup from Stephanie Courtney, girl with two first names and also the Progressive mascot Flo. We take some calls that educate us about taking ecstasy and more. We talk about New York, London, and more. Check it!


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3 Responses to “NLO 790: Sibling Overload”

  1. I never got why people say their kids are the greatest thing ever. I have a 1 1/2 year old right now, and yeah I love him, but I don’t go around telling people it’s the greatest thing, and you’ll understand one day. That shit gives me douche chills. I have a friend who would just go on and on about how it’s the greatest thing ever and all I wanted to do was hit him in the face with a shovel, bury him up to his neck and shit in his mouth. He’s a miserable fuck who never goes and does things because of his “kids”. 

    The truth be told I think if someone tries to tell you that kids are the greatest thing ever, they are dead inside. They have given up on life and are using their kids to try to somehow validate their shitty lives.

  2. @KevinToledo:disqus Haha. Well said. I’ve got two kids, 7 and 9 and I love em both, but I keep that shit to myself and my immediate family. Just like I don’t want to hear about other peoples shitty kids, nobody wants to hear about mine.

    I also don’t think people that don’t want kids are selfish or assholes at all. They’re smart and they know what they want. We’ve got too high of a population as it is right now and having kids out of some kind of obligation just makes it worse. Plus you’re doing a huge disservice to your kid if you have them when you’d rather spend your life doing what YOU want to do, not to mention a disservice to yourself.

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