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Overdose 18 – Misogynistic Rant Cast

Josh and Patrick do a midnight show on a Friday, after visiting a food truck festival and watching Shark Tank and the Sugar Baby episode of True Life. Listen to Josh’s rants on women, theories on their usefulness, and much more, while Patrick tries to diffuse the tension with skits and funny things.


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20 Responses to “Overdose 18 – Misogynistic Rant Cast”

  1. Charlie Chaplin tramp stamp… brilliant. 

  2. You’re a terrible person, Josh.

  3. Or a genius. One thing you can’t accuse Josh Denny of is sitting on the fence! This show was awesome, what the OD is all about.

  4. lolololololololol

  5. They started discussing Patrick’s songs at the end of this show, I agree with the chat – Baskin Robins has got to be my favourite. But there have been so many other good ones : – The 50Cent one about his drunk dad, his Trackbeats ballad and the Trevon Martin one to name a few. (The last might be the only one where he doesn’t start singing about sucking a D or licking on some Bs).

  6. This is why I’m fat. By far my favourite.

  7. Ooo good call, I had forgot that one! Still Baskin Robins for me!

  8. Listening to Star talk about comics makes me want to kill myself. Rule one if all you can draw is manga your not an artiest. Every girl at my college does this stuff.

  9. Manga is just drawing, albeit ultra stylized… Replace the eyes and put more detail into some aspects and you have figure drawing. That said, you’re a dipshit.

  10. I would like to see a manga cartoon of Josh’s sex dream, Star riding that D and Pmelt wrecking that P!

  11. Now that would be art.

  12. Probably not going to stop talking about comics ever, so remember if you do decide to kill yourself, mention NLO. 🙂 Sooner the better. 

    Also what the fuck is an “artiest”? 

  13. Artiest: having an ostentatious or affected interest in or desire to imitate artists or artistic standards. 

    It means you’re trying hard at making something that can be loosely called art. Modern manga is not even art while manhwa actually is. I think it has to do with the impending doom that makes artist produce their best work. It also explains why Patrick is always at his best.

    If I do kill myself I’ll leave a note saying candicomics made me do it 😛

  14. Seeing how art is completely subjective, you making blanket statements to define it what art is “supposed to look like” only makes you look more like an idiot. Hayao Miyazaki, one of the biggest contributors to anime EVER has repeatedly stated that his ideas/art comes from the general happiness that he feels around his friends and family. Stop trying to put everything in a box. You might realize that you enjoy a lot more things that way. 

  15. So you would call a stick drawing done by a child art because its filled with his emotions?  

  16. Oh my, you’re so smart and honest. Where is your art by the way? What have you ever contributed to the creative world?

  17. Lukster I respect you and your work. I’m do  both the creative vision and the project management of video games.

  18. Well, aren’t you fancy? Wouldn’t mind if you mention Candi in your note at all. But I’m sure Patrick would be upset if I stole that honor. 

  19. I can’t believe it’s Nut Butter

  20. One of my mum’s coworkers went on the british equivalent of this show. His fucking terrible idea was called the ‘stable table’. You know how when you’re drinking at a bar and your table wobbles? You fold up a beer mat, put it under the shorter leg and go about your day. Not this guy, his reaction was ‘I’m gonna be rich”. 

    Needless to say he is not rich, he works at an insurance company for shitty money.

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