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Members Only Show – July 25, 2023

I just can’t even anymore! Know what I’m saying! Come on ride that pain, and ride it! Say it with a thorn! Rip open your own chest and end it. Can you imagine going on for another second? Beat your parents and drive in to a pole. Got a pool nearby? Great. Jump. Stay at the bottom and hope that when you wake up this was all just a nap.

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Melton in the Morning – April 10, 2023

Good Mooby Monday! Come have some fun with Patrick and a train of thought that is sure to exclusively lead you on an adventure through your own brain! On today’s show we forget to even turn on Mooby and his little friend, and when we finally do, he’s seven minutes in to yelling about Patrick watching even though he wasn’t. We watch for half an hour today and bail as soon as Mooby moves on to making fun of black people with songs and voices. Patrick showcases some of the wretched Las Vegas comedy community, including Lex Las Vegas who recently did a comedy sketch parody about Mr. Onion, whatever that means. We call a strange man who challenged us to do so, and Patrick gets conned out of a $100 payday.

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BONUS SHOW – April 6,2022

You’ve been such well-behaved children that Patrick is doing a bonus program! Patrick is being assaulted by some lady in the chat who can’t decide if Patrick is hot or toxic. We explore the latest from some old NLO favorites, including Starline and Daddy Derek. Star appears to be married now and is still mailing out hand-drawn stickers to internet creeps. Derek has somehow managed to re-cut the same old footage in to several “new” videos. We are all on pins and needles for the fourth annual 420 Awards! Of course, we also check in on the latest drama surrounding Thai Rivera, including his last frantic videos before leaving his living situation.


PM in the AM 25: Sore Thrort

Patrick is doing a show because he can’t sleep, but he has a sore throat. Singing and talking on a microphone to the adoration of fans probably isn’t the best idea for a sick boy,…

Aftershow Video

AS 894a – D-Fritz, Cory, Fans

Patrick and D-Fritz do an aftershow. Lukster buys all the ads on Candi Comics with NLO/Patrick things. Patrick and Cory fight a lot. D-Fritz drinks.   Download MP3    … This content is for OVERDOSE

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NLO 822: Hollyhood

Patrick and Starline are in the studio today, and he’s still out of it. Star has been officially hired on as an assistant, despite possible implications of slavery. Cameron calls in to bitch about Josh


Aftershow 811a – Patrick, Fans

Part one of our awesomely funny FOUR HOUR aftershow from today. This part is mostly fan radio after about thirty minutes. Patrick returns at the end and is present for all of part two. Someone…

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NLO 778: Terrible Tacos

Hey it’s SEAN O’BRIEN in the studio for a nice, relaxed one-comic show and conversations with a normal person. Patrick isn’t happy with Sean’s choice of lunch spot, a shitty taco stand. We discuss the