Marathon Show – July 13, 2012 (Part 3)

This is part three of our Marathon Show from July 13. In this portion, Patrick is joined by comedian CORNELL REID, and Shooby is in the studio, as well as fan Collin who has ruined the world again with his shirt blunder. The guys can’t figure out where a weird studio noise is coming from. Somehow the topic of pickled dicks comes up. Josh Denny returns from lunch with his lady friend. For some reason he has two dozen donuts with him, and everyone is pigging out. Patrick sits out for awhile while Josh runs the show, spitting in to Patrick’s microphone. Brian King shows up. Patrick gets an email from someone who wants Patrick to make a prank call. Patrick tells a story about meeting some guys at a bar. Patrick is pissed at Star and gets in a big battle about the Tosh rape joke scandal. It gets heated.


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