NLO 778: Terrible Tacos

Hey it’s SEAN O’BRIEN in the studio for a nice, relaxed one-comic show and conversations with a normal person. Patrick isn’t happy with Sean’s choice of lunch spot, a shitty taco stand. We discuss the merits of tacos from different places. Patrick is getting frustrated by the new NLO Radio stream provider. YouTube sucks so much. People don’t tweet like they talk. Gay people don’t rape straights. uStream is sucking today. Donald Trump won’t let a transvestite in the Ms. Universe pageant. Patrick talks a lot of shit about an ex-girlfriend, but it’s all for fun jokes. Kind of. London listeners call in. Patrick is baffled by what other countries think are luxuries in hotels. Like hot water. And towels. More talks about Taco Pony Parties. Some awesome fans in Phoenix made some NLO decals and are sticking them all over. Guys with hands on their hips are weird. Sean went to a bachelor party and watch lesbians have human centipede sex. Patrick remembers buying porn magazines and VHS magazines as a teen. Patrick is kind of looking for a new apartment. Star needs ideas for drawings for a 2013 NLO calendar. Patrick is done with fake friends. Send in your blood. Buy tickets for NYC – they’re going! There’s lots of new store items coming. Patrick remembers a DJ that hit on him. Sean loves raves. It’s a great show!


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