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Aftershow 809 Part 1 – Patrick, Fans

This is part one of today’s EIGHT HOUR aftershow, again most of which is Chip Chip Chris running the show while Patrick is working on other things. This show starts slow and rambly, but picks up if you stick it out. The fan-only radio is split in to another audio file if you want that, or want to skip it.

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7 Responses to “Aftershow 809 Part 1 – Patrick, Fans”

  1. Can’t download, Lisyn says no file

  2. Libsyn even …
    Error: 404 Not Found

  3. fixed.

  4. this one stopped almost an hour in for me. anyone else have a similar problem? chip chip chris is pretty good. brings up some interesting things. kevin ain’t half bad either

  5. Was able to download; oddly this episode didn’t show up in the feed, only the fan radio section did. By the way Patrick, you are the man! Splitting up the fan radio. I’ll probably listen to the fan radio anyway, but I like knowing exactly where the split is.

  6. nevermind, just needed to do the edit/save shuffle and it showed up in my feed

  7. Sorry to say this but I can’t stand Chip Chip Chris for more then a half hour at a time.  I realize he is a crucial part of the London Show but God Damn he annoys the shit out of me.

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