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Aftershow 813b – Patrick and Fans

Patrick returns to interrupt fan radio and hears the fans talking shit. Patrick sits down for a nearly three hour heart to heart with the fans, talking about everything from the show, to moving, and even personal relationship stuff. He tries to get Lukster to buy him a vacuum cleaner. And an MP3 player. And more. Star has a whiny voice. Cory doesn’t understand technology. It’s a great show. There’s even singing!


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4 Responses to “Aftershow 813b – Patrick and Fans”

  1. Sorry about the hum an hour in. Apparently that is what happens when I just tell windows to shutdown and don’t properly exit a call.

  2. Sure, talk about something I could contribute like an hour after I leave. I wish I would have been around for the Blink stuff…

  3. Be less drunk! Besides, with the Skype delay, it’s not like we could even sing with Patrick (no matter how badly we may have wanted to…).

  4. Because of this I switched to HTML5 youtube and that shit runs so much faster now.

    Good lookin’ out pmelt

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