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NLO LONDON – 2009 – Part 2

LIVE FROM LONDON – it’s the NLO live podcast from our trip to the UK in 2009. This is part two of two and the show is starting to unravel. Watch as Patrick and a fan have a big to-do, and the fan gets kicked out and almost fight our very own Chip Chip Chris before crying. Watch Patrick get too drunk for his own good. It’s still fun! Someone feel free to do detailed show notes for this! Part two on the way as well!


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12 Responses to “NLO LONDON – 2009 – Part 2”

  1. Wow.

  2. lmao, love this

  3. you are all fucked……..good effort

  4. Wow.

  5. Hilarious! 

    Also, MP3 shows no file. 

  6. Felt pretty bad for that RBR fan. Hilarious otherwise.

  7. So…….I was drunk.

  8. This and part 1 was pretty damn good! The T-shirt bit felt awkward but largely the show was great and I can’t wait for this years NLO London!

  9. It was good to hear Chef and Dagre again. The salt licking and cutie talk was a bit nauseating. Now we know why Patrick hadn’t released this until now.

  10. Conner was sexy.

  11. I forgot how cool Dagre was. My favorite part was when Patrick dumped a full beer at 00:40:20. “Oi!!!”

  12. That Luke on there isn’t Lukster, right?

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