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NYC Tattoo Video

Patrick and Josh Denny get tattoos in New York from fan Cory at High Roller Tattoo. Both idiots get their first tattoos, and you get to see it all in glorious HD, from sketching phase all the way through the pain. This video is over 70 minutes long!


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8 Responses to “NYC Tattoo Video”

  1. The sound of the tattoo gun makes my teeth hurt.

  2. Josh’s waist looks like it was scourged by a poltergeist.

  3. Wow..first time I have seen the high roller ladies … Toni-Ann .. hot as hell, I would jump on her in a heartbeat .. Josh, scarred up, stretch marked ginger mess and you had the BALLS to think that you were the better end of the deal .. on her worst day she is too good for you.

  4. Is this Toni-Ann?

  5. When Josh was getting the line drawn down his back and stuff, what song was Patrick singing? It sounds familiar but he changed the lyrics so I can’t Google it.

  6. They’re Patrick’s unique takes on R.E.M.’s “Stand”.

  7. “what i see now looks like an ass” – Pmelt round 28 min in. and it does!!!

  8. hahahahah great patrick

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