APRIL IMHOLTE & NICK REKIETA ARRESTED! Also Nick’s GHOULISH Wife! Drugs! Guns! Children! Oh, My!

BREAKING: Nick Rekieta and April Imholte aka April Anderson have been arrested in Minnesota with narcotics and guns and children! Lives are on the line! It’s an MLC for the ages! Hey Tio! MLC is good again! Kevin Brennan is in a spiral after his handler and tech boy Adam fled from the program a couple months ago. Dipping deeper and deeper into dementia daily, Kevin struggles to hit his own former numbers and is now being dominated by streamers like Tookie Soup, Tuesday’s at 9pm ET on the BeDabbler network. Chad Zumock sits in a corner and bounces and yells while Mooby regales KB with tales of his once-adored wife, who has now become a footnote of a cohost and the butt of almost every joke on the current edition of Steel Toe. Watch as a man with nothing pretends to have it all, an old man with no knowledge or the situation at all fails to ask any good questions while diddling away on his phone, and a short Cleveland middle loses steam and decides halfway through the show that he’s just happy to be here. Also, Melton sucks, right?

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