January 29, 2024: MEEK MEN MONDAY! Kevin Brenna CAN’T STOP LYING About How Well He’s Doing!

It’s the start of another week, and this one will see us through to the beginning of February and usher in a new era of excitement as Kevin Brennan’s Atlantic City meetup. Kevin Brennan screamed again about his numbers, proclaiming he will send them to anyone who asks, only to backtrack immediately and begin issuing challenges and excuses for his lack of follow-through. Steel Toe Morning Show is off to a whimper of a start this week, as both Johnny and April stand Aaron up, and the professional broadcaster resorts to sheepishly reading the chat room and faking his way through another morning of an excuse for entertainment. You decide whether or not the talent is genuine or if this pretend radio man is nearing the end of his make-believe career.

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