January 30, 2024: Is KEVIN BRENNAN Okay? Steel Toe Is SUPER NASTY! Sketti Tooth Birthday!

Patrick brings receipts so everything can watch Kevin Brennan transform in to a cope baby right before their very eyes. Watch how 72 hours makes one-time successful comedian Kevin Brennan turns from a braggadocios confident man in to a confused, angry man regretting painting himself in to a corner. We take a final look at “the bet” before putting Kevin’s dementia to bed as it pertains to this issue. Aaron Imholte proves that he has given up on his radio dream and settled in to begging to not get a real job. Watch as his wife tells us about how he keeps her up late eating spaghetti in bed and blasting music. The midnight carb curmudgeon is back, and this time it isn’t mac salad!

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