January 5, 2024: Kevin Brennan SCARED? Chad Zumock LOOPS Ogain!

Kevin Brennan is full wackadoo and it’s funnier than ever! Chad Zumock tries a new time slot and runs away from his own shadow. Watch as the once-bold mudshark folds and runs away in seconds. Kate Meaney asks the internet if she should do a podcast, confirming that she is deeper in her own delusion than the last man to sprinkle seed deep inside her colon. Steel Toe is doing their Rumble Friday best to get you excited about what’s coming up on the show today. Watch the life drain out of April before your very eyes as Mooby regales her with movie quotes and act outs that seem to make her physically ill. Why are these guys so confused about what is? Let’s try to get to the bottom of things!

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