July 1, 2024: Woman Abuser AARON IMHOLTE Justifies SMOTHERING His Wife! Is ASHLEY LARUE A Liar?

Failed Minnesota broadcaster Aaron Imholte is back streaming this morning, trying to distract his listeners from the fact that he’s an aggressive control freak that physically abused his ex-wife and continues to manipulate her psychologically from the cockpit of his scam dungeon. Watch as Aaron tries to thread the needle of calling the mother of his children a liar, the recently divorced wife an exaggerating saboteur, and so much more. Of course, now that the allegations are against Aaron and his abuse of April Anderson, he wants to move on and not talk about it anymore. Aaron would like it if we could all put this in the past and revisit it when something bad comes out about others instead. Will Mooby be able to pull another fast one on his pay pigs? Will they continue to support a womanizing psychopath with a history of laying hands on the weaker sex?

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