June 11, 2024: STEEL TOE’S NEW LADY! Watch Aaron Imholte Use His Children Next!

Aaron Imholte has already started panicking about his channel and the collapse in views now that Nobody Likes Onions is back from break. The views and the live number have Aaron shook, and of course he’s lashing out with insane lies about Patrick to try to make himself feel better about his lack of audience retention skills. The warning signs for women are laid bare at the alter of Steel Toe. Listen while a town man walks you through what he thinks a healthy relationship is, one week after announcing his divorce is official. Will Aaron’s habit of using women to further his own agendas stop at his own children, or is oldest daughter Charlotte Imholte destined to have her reputation smeared by her own father before she steps foot in to a high school. Let’s explore Aaron’s latest round of panic.

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