June 13, 2024: Nick Rekieta’s NOTHING Texts! Aaron Imholte DODGES Another Fight! Phishing Frenzy!

The host of Steel Toe Morning Show, aka Charlotte Imholte’s dad, aka the most soupy-skinned man in Minnesota, is back at it again. You won’t believe what we have this pasty pudge falling for this week. Aaron can’t wait to destroy his former love, April Anderson, before she even turns in an application at the local factory. The rumors keep swirling and the trolls continue to play Mooby like a fiddle. Keanu Thompson joins this morning for another full-on cope session where Aaron continues to gaslight Keanu about their own friendship. Watch one of the most awkward pairs in the world as they keep trying to “do a show.” The numbers keep falling and the goals are not being hit over in Steel Toe town. Patrick wants Stuttering John to come by his house when he comes through Vegas. He will be waiting. And if John doesn’t come, at least let his mom know that Patrick wants a slice of that old hair pie’s goofy gash!

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