June 27, 2024: Aaron Imholte Is CRACKING Again! Is Stuttering John The WORST DAD On YouTube?

Aaron Imholte has had quite the year, and it’s just going to get worse for the low-testosterone streamer from the simple sticks of Minnesota. The problem with Aaron is that Aaron keeps screwing up Aaron’s plans. From losing the biggest viewer bump he’s ever had to slowly revealing his unbridled glee regarding his recent divorce, the guy can’t stop making it clear to his viewers that he is a selfish narcissist who will never admit certain flaws. From manipulating weak-minded friends to convincing his remaining supporters that the show is better than ever, The Steel Toe Morning Show is on a lol-worthy trajectory that you won’t want to miss. Stuttering John can’t stop ignoring his mom to try to stick it to bunch of strangers that he will never meet or talk to in person. Why won’t John let his poor mother enjoy her golden years without terrorizing her home with constant prank calls and deliveries? Why is the BabaDuke so petty and fragile?

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